Directrizes para servicos de bibliotecas para jovens

Revisão das Directrizes para serviços de bibliotecas para jovens, uma edição de 2008 da IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)

Guidelines for Library Services for Young Adults / Pat Muller and Ivan Chew. The Hague, IFLA Headquarters, 2008. – 20p. 30 cm. – (IFLA Professional Reports: 107)
Online: IFLA - Guidelines for Library Services for Young Adults -

Goals of the Guidelines
This publication, IFLA 'Guidelines for Library Services for Young Adults' provides a framework for developing services to young adults and libraries, for the international community. It provides the intellectual building block for a country, for its service through its librarians. The Guidelines contain both philosophical and practical ideas that can improve a library’s response to meeting the educational, informational, cultural, and leisure needs of young adults, in ways that are developmentally appropriate. It is to be used as a document for librarians, decision-makers, policy makers, library students, and stakeholders in the development of services for young people.